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What We Do

At Acquiscore Research we realize the importance of not just utilizing the right technologies, but also in implementing the right strategic solutions. This allows us to offer services that will help your company reach its true potential. Our services include:

·         Project Management

·         Consulting

·         Survey Design and Analysis

·         Big Data Analytics

·         Statistical Data Models

·         Performance Metrics

In fact, we go a step further! Instead of churning out a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we work with our clients in understanding their unique requirements as per the scope and needs of their organization. Regardless of whether you are looking for a complete overhaul or a simple tweak, you can rest assured we are ready and able to take on the task and give you precisely what you need.

Company Profile
Founded in 2007, Acquiscore Research has established itself as the market leader in advanced analytics and innovative data research. We are data experts with an expertise in all aspects of data projects offering beginning-to-end solutions from data strategy, research design, data analytics, data insights and recommendations and ongoing reporting and data management.

Over the years we have helped companies to look into the wealth of untapped potential available to them and unleash it for a successful future. We have worked with large corporations and small businesses to have the correct insight into their projects, enabling them to ascertain millions of dollars in revenue and cost savings through process improvements and data analytics.

Our combined experience of over 40 years enables us to identify the best solutions, the right tools with the right people to positively impact your bottom line. This enables you to make sound decisions and gain valuable insight in the process.



What We Do


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